The Team

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“We can do anything”

Our story begins with Pippa, age 9. In summer 2020 after starting to get bored during quarantine, she started a business creating beautiful resin pieces. This is a seasonal business, and by Jan 2021, Miss Pippa missed running her own business, so started Pippa's Pop Up Party. Monthly live themed shopping events. With a little guidance and coaching from her Mom she was on her way. When it came time to flip the calendar from February to March, Pippa noticed March 29 was Mom + Pop Business Day. Pippa got her marker and crossed off the O , added an I and it was Mom + Pip Shop Day. 
Pippa's role within The Mom + Pip Shop primarily consists of being the photographer, live event presenter, product tester and quality control to make sure candy is fresh and tasty. Pippa also keeps a close eye on the budget, and works our retail prices for our inventory.

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“Whatever is happening in life, a little candy, some toys and a bit of laughter makes any day better”

After a car accident in 2018, Roseanne is recovering from a brain injury and has had to make a few changes to what can be done at time. As a result of the injury to her brain she had to walk away from a thriving business in direct sales with a team of over 250 across Canada. Helping Pippa and coaching her in her business has given Roseanne a renewed sense of purpose and the drive to be in business once again. With her partner Pippa at her side, together they can accomplish anything.  Life sometimes knocks us down. Sometimes life gets pretty serious, like during a global pandemic. Together Mom + Pip tackle life with a sense of adventure and fun. Our goal is to spread and share fun products like candies and toys with other families. Whatever is coming your way a little candy and a little fun can brighten any day.
Roseanne's role at The Mom+ Pip Shop is to be the buyer, back up photography, creating social media content and the management of other miscellaneous tasks like blowing the budget Pippa sets.

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“Wake me when you are ready to play ball”

Joining the family in 2017, Pebbles found her furever home with her crazy attitude and loving kisses. She completed the family. She is waiting for the day she gets promoted to quality control and can sample the candy and test all the toys.
Pebbles role at The Mom + Pip Shop is to be in charge of making sure everyone takes time to play and stays healthy, by ensuring daily walks take place.

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“Yahoo, Way to Go!”

The biggest supporter of Mom + Pip all of their lives. Grammy runs things at home, literally. Running up and down the stairs collecting product and putting them out for last minute porch pick ups.